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Pulp- and Paperindustry

Issue date: 
July 18th, 2011

Impact of soaring Chinese demand for logs and lumber

China’s total wood demand is anticipated to keep growing from 250 million m3 in 2010 to 350 million m3 by 2015 (a conservative projected growth rate of 8% per year), possibly moving as high as 450 million m3 by 2020.

Issue date: 
Jul 15, 2011

Pöyry Completes the Acquisition of parts of Engineering and Consulting Business From Vattenfall, Sweden

Helsinki, Finland, Jul 15, 2011 - Pöyry Plc has completed the acquisition of parts of the engineering consulting business of Vattenfall Power Consultant AB (see Company Announcement of April 14 2011). The business has been incorporated into a new company, SwedPower AB, in which Pöyry has 100 per cent shareholding. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Issue date: 
Jul 18, 2011

Supply, demand, logistics and pricing of pulpwood and biomass will be the focus at the 5th International Woodfibre Resource and Trade Conference in Singapore

Seattle, USA, Jul 18, 2011 - Global demand for wood fiber for both pulp manufacturing and renewable energy increased during 2010 and 2011.Worldwide trade of wood chips in 2010 was up 24 percent because of increased production of pulp and paper products worldwide; China showed the greatest growth in chip imports, with an increase over 400 percent in the past two years. Australia continues to be the major wood chip exporter, and shipped 11 percent more in 2010 than 2009.

Issue date: 
Jul 18, 2011

ANDRITZ Acquires Iggesund Tools, Sweden

Graz, Austria, Jul 18, 2011 - International technology Group ANDRITZ has acquired Iggesund Tools International AB, headquartered in Iggesund, Sweden, including its subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, and other countries. The acquired companies have approximately 160 employees and generate annual sales of about 25 MEUR. It was agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

Issue date: 
July 20, 2011

Södra expect continued high global wood costs

Södra's profit for the first half was 577 million SEK (1084 million in the same period last year) representing a return on capital of 11 percent (21).

Issue date: 
Jul 20, 2011

Proposed Amendment of the Sulphur Directive Would Weaken the Competitiveness of the Finnish forest industry

Finland, Jul 20, 2011 - The EU Commission has published its proposed amendment to the Sulphur Directive, which would lead to the maximum sulphur content of maritime fuels being lowered to 0.1% on the Baltic Sea by the beginning of 2015.

Issue date: 
Jul 20, 2011

Sappi Fine Paper Europe Announces Final Closure of Biberist Mill in Switzerland

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Jul 20, 2011 - After an exhaustive search for possible purchasers for its Biberist mill in Switzerland, Sappi Fine Paper Europe has today announced that it has been unsuccessful in its attempts to find a suitable acquirer to allow continued operations and employment at the mill.

Issue date: 
July 22, 2011

Forest companies report questioned by leading Swedish business newspaper

Forest Company evaluates the woods too high in their reports according to the business magazine SvD. At weaker quarter, forest companies assess their forest resources and exploit the forest to clean up quarterly results according to analysts.

Issue date: 
Jul 21, 2011

Over the First Six Months Ilim Group Locations in Siberia Have Manufactured 738,000 Tons of P&P Products

St. Petersburg, Russia - Jul 21, 2011 - Over the first six months of 2011 the Branches of Ilim Group in Bratsk and Ust-Ilimsk have produced 738,000 tons of pulp and paper products, which is 3% more as compared to the same period of the previous year.

This includes 623,000 tons of market pulp. This is 2% more than in January-June of 2010.

Market containerboard production has gained 9%, amounting nearly to 115,000 tons. Pulp cooking has grown by 2.5% and reached 779,000 tons.

Issue date: 
July 15, 2011

The State of the Paper Industry 2011

he Environmental Paper Network (EPN) publishes the State of the Industry Report as a resource for policy-makers, non- governmental organizations (NGOs), the paper industry, large volume paper purchasers and other stakeholders to monitor key indicators of environmental sustainability in the North


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