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We offer management consulting services to clients throughout the forest products value chain, from resource providers to end users. Our unique experience allows us to recognise relevant driving forces and assess their impact on client business. We help clients capture strategic opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

One main area of our expertise lies in strategy formulation and execution regarding raw materials, markets and products. For instance, we help our clients find new business prospects in raw materiel procurement or better predict the competitive environment.

Another main area of our skills is to combine our leading-edge industry expertise and management consulting know-how with the best practices in the fields of sustainable ecosystem management and biodiversity protection such as supporting our clients in forest management and chain of custody certification.

Recent study:
Billion hectares of land have potential for forest restoration

We complement the skill set of client organisations with our wide and deep industry specific perspective. Our working methods range from technical analysis to process facilitation and from sparring to scenario workshops. We work well on every level of client organisations. With our unique understanding of the whole forest industry cluster, we can interpret trends or nuances in client business landscapes.


You can find some historical background information about central Eurpoean forestry here

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2017-05-22 23:28 | A warmer, wetter climate is helping push dozens of Eastern U.S. trees to the north and, surprisingly, west, a new study finds.

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2017-05-22 18:36 | This year, Canada will host World Environment Day under the theme 'Connecting people with nature,' which is meant to challenge people to think about how they are apart of and depend on nature. The day will also be commemorated at the opening of the UN Ocean Conference.  

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2017-05-22 14:01 | 22 May, 2017

In an initial public statement issued on their website, the RSPO’s Complaints Panel (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) condemned Plantaciones de Pucallpa (PdP) for its destruction of primary forests in violation of the RSPO’s code of practice. The RSPO’s findings come despite PdP’s withdrawal from the membership in October 2016: “The RSPO Complaints Panel has found Plantaciones de Pucallpa (PdP) (Peru) to be in...

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2017-05-22 13:00 | WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, 15th May 2017—A new analysis of global airport wildlife seizure and trafficking data reveals that wildlife traffickers around the world are heavily exploiting the air transport sector to smuggle protected and endangered animals and animal products on commercial flights.

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2017-05-22 12:44 | May 22, 2017---Metsä Board, the leading European producer of premium fresh fibre paperboards and part of Metsä Group, has achieved the Gold level rating by EcoVadis for its approach to sustainability. Overall Metsä Board was ranked in the top 1% of suppliers assessed by EcoVadis across all categories.

“We are very proud to have achieved this level of ranking. The assessment further enforces Metsä Board’s continued commitment to sustainability. We recognise that sustainability...

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2017-05-22 12:42 | May 222017---Huhtamaki were awarded the Partner to Win award 2017 for Winning Quality and Service by Unilever at a ceremony earlier this week. The award recognises suppliers that have delivered outstanding service to Unilever with an emphasis on quality, service levels and driving best practice.

The award is a major credit to the hard work conducted by the teams in our European sites supplying Unilever. Dhaval Buch, Chief Procurement Officer for Unilever, said: "The Partner...

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2017-05-22 12:37 | May 22, 2017---Valmet will supply an off-machine coater rebuild for Hansol Paper Co., Ltd., at its Shintanjin site in South Korea. The target of the rebuild is to convert the paper mill for thermal paper production, and to increase production and market share of high quality thermal grades. Today the off-machine coater is producing coated wood-free paper grades. The mill will gradually decrease the portion of printing papers and other low-profit products. The start-up of the rebuilt machine is...

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2017-05-22 12:37 |

22 May: Rapidly growing emissions from tourism related aviation, and proposals to offset these through fraudulent projects are a threat to biodiversity and communities, warns the Global Forest Coalition (GFC)[1] on International Day for Biodiversity [2], which has a special theme of ‘sustainable tourism,’ this year. Such fraudulent offsets also go against the Paris Climate Agreement say GFC.

Aviation emissions and potential offsets were informally discussed at last week’s climate...

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2017-05-22 11:12 |

We, the Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries representing more than 30,000 companies that are Europe’s largest energy consumers and together, directly employ more than 2.8 Million people, want to make a success of the Energy Union. We see it as a potential enabler of European industry’s competitiveness and a unique opportunity to deliver on Europe’s ambitious transition to a low-carbon energy system. Energy Intensive Industries make a series of recommendations to reach this ambition in an...

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2017-05-22 09:11 |

Why peatlands have remained under the radar, despite being among the most important terrestrial ecosystems for the fight against climate change

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2017-05-22 08:39 | 22 May, 2017

The Piaroa indigenous leader Freddy Menare was killed earlier this month, in circumstances which remain to be investigated.

Freddy who worked in the late 1990s with the National Experimental University of Guayana (UNEG), in an FPP-supported territorial mapping programme, had been the long-term spokesperson for the Piaroa people of the Sipapo river, a right-bank affluent of the middle Orinoco. Building on the mapping...

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2017-05-22 05:20 | On this International Day for Biological Diversity, INBAR celebrates bamboo and rattan’s indispensable role in biodiverse landscapes across the world. Bamboo and rattan are essential components of biodiverse landscapes in the regions in which they grow. Many insect and fungal species, as well as some of the world’s most iconic and endangered mammals, are dependent […]

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2017-05-22 02:00 | Beijing, China, 22nd May 2017—TRAFFIC’s ongoing monitoring has revealed a steadily declining though persistent number of advertisements illegally offering wildlife products on e-commerce websites and through social media in China.

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2017-05-21 06:34 |

Forest health throughout the western U.S. is continuing to decline due to fire exclusion, insect infestations, disease outbreaks, and a lack of active forest management.

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2017-05-21 06:02 |

Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity brothers at California State University, Chico, who allegedly went on a tree-cutting binge in the Lassen National Forest, are now facing criminal charges.

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2017-05-21 03:25 |   by Celina Schelle In light of the many meetings and presentations about what needs to be done, side events about ongoing initiatives and success stories were very refreshing and motivating! Yes, we are not only negotiating about an abstract future, there are quite some people engaged in creative problem solving bringing us ahead towards …...

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2017-05-20 05:48 |

The Board of Directors of the National Forest Foundation (NFF) announced that Mary Mitsos has been appointed President of the organization.

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2017-05-19 23:16 | Project Status: APP. Country: Honduras. Project Number: HO-T1255. Approval date: May 17, 2017

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2017-05-19 19:09 |

Member States today agreed their negotiating mandate on Circular Economy waste proposals, paving the way for trialogues with the European Commission and Parliament. EUROFER, CEPI and Eurometaux now appeal for all EU institutions to prove their Circular Economy ambition, by working constructively towards a single measure of real recycling.

Axel Eggert, EUROFER’s Director General: “Every institution has now acknowledged that Member States need to start calculating...


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