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11 years 6 days ago

PORT MORESBY, Jul 30, 2009 (AsiaPulse via COMTEX) -- The pristine forests of Papua New Guinea could be worth billions of dollars a year in carbon trading but potentially lucrative projects are on hold amid court orders and a government investigation.

11 years 1 week ago

You've heard of credit default swaps and subprime mortgages. Are carbon default swaps and subprime offsets next? If the Waxman-Markey climate bill is signed into law, it will generate, almost as an afterthought, a new market for carbon derivatives. That market will be vast, complicated, and...

11 years 1 week ago

Margarine, Kosmetika, Putzmittel, Eis und eine Beimischung in Biotreibstoff: Palmöl ist vielfältig einsetzbar und mittlerweile fixer Bestandteil im Alltag. Obwohl die Preise für Palmöl im vergangenen Jahr gefallen waren, läuft das Geschäft mit Palmöl. Weltweit werden jährlich mehr als 43...

11 years 1 week ago

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- European consumer groups and nongovernmental organizations have said they want environmentally friendly palm oil. Malaysian producers of palm oil that have made the switch are discovering that it is still a hard sell.

11 years 3 weeks ago

  July 14, 2009: The landmark American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 that narrowly passed through Congress on June 26 has come under fire by environmental critics who see the pared down measure as too little, too late. Originally proposed by Reps. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Edward Markey (...

11 years 1 month ago

June 30, 2009: The World Bank has approved the readiness plans (R-Plans) for Guyana and Panama, opening the way for both countries to tap grants of up to US$3.6 million for preserving their forests.

Mongabay | 11 years 1 month ago

June 29, 2009: A New Idea to Save Tropical Forests Takes Flight and then in 2005, a small group of countries changed everything. Papua New Guinea teamed up with Costa Rica and a handful of other countries to make a formal plea to the United Nations.

11 years 1 month ago

Implications of the American Clean Energy and Security Act for conservation June 26, 2009:Following today's passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) by the House of Representatives, The Nature Conservancy released a set of questions and answers with Mark Tercek, its chairman and...

11 years 1 month ago

Gordon Brown puts $100bn price tag on climate adaptation. Prime minister attempts to move stalling political talks on global warming away from targets and towards the cost of mitigation.

The Guardian | 11 years 1 month ago

This is a series of articles (started here, June, 1st 2009) taken from GRIST, Offsets are still counterfeit carbon credits The arguments in favor of counterfeit carbon credits still fail no matter how often they are repeated

11 years 1 month ago

Britain’s faith in carbon trading as a way of reducing greenhouse gases could be dangerously misplaced, according to an independent academic working with the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

11 years 1 month ago

LONDON/NUSA DUA, Indonesia (Reuters) - It could save the rainforests of Borneo, slow climate change and the international community backs it. But a plan to pay tropical countries not to chop down trees risks being discredited by opportunists even before it starts.

11 years 2 months ago

Gerhard Dieterle (World Bank Forest Advisor), Civil society event at the World bank spring meetings 2009, 24 April By 2050 it is believed that 75% of fiber will be grown in fast growing plantations. There are opportunities in this for developing countries, however the revenues must stay in the...

11 years 3 months ago

The carbon market showed a remarkable growth spurt in the first quarter of this year, with trading volumes up 37 per cent, new data show. Trading was driven by price volatility and companies selling carbon permits to raise short-term cash.

11 years 4 months ago

The free market has got us into this mess, and the free market will get us out of it. This nonsensical idea is at the heart of all carbon trading measures, the Rudd government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) included.

11 years 5 months ago

Economic stimulus plans being rolled out across the world could commit countries to rapid growth in greenhouse gas emissions, cancelling some of the green initiatives included within them, analysis has found.

11 years 5 months ago

...market makes mega-pollution cheap Europe's system to edge up the cost of emissions and boost green energy has backfired. There isn't much time to rescue it

11 years 5 months ago

P. T. Barnum is attributed with saying "There's a sucker born every minute" although, he, as the source of this quote is in dispute. Were he alive today, I suspect he would abandon the circus business and jump into carbon credits and carbon trading.

11 years 5 months ago

Carbon price close to record low as European sell-off continues Experts predict €10 EUAs could represent good deal for long-term investors   The price of carbon allowance in the EU emissions trading scheme (ETS) was at close to record lows in trading this morning as weak energy commodity prices...

Alternative Energy, & Environment | 11 years 6 months ago

There is a new wave of entrepreneurs aiming to get rich by 
saving the rainforests. Richard Lofthouse reports Ever wanted to get rich by doing absolutely nothing? In a bizarre way that’s what a bunch of new entrepreneurs and large corporations are trying to do. The formula is ridiculously simple:...


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