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Dec 10, 2010

Finland to fund sustainable energy from forests in Indonesia

Issue date: 
October 27, 2010

Seems some dispute on forestry is ongoing in DownUnder and SE-Asia...

Conservation Debate I: A Question of Credibility

William Laurance et al | October 27, 2010

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Wood or climate change forestry

Much is said about how forestry will be an important part of Indonesia’s emission reduction plan.  Many in the conservation community believe that the best way to reduce net emissions is to reduce the area of forest harvested for wood products or land cleared for conversion to agriculture or

Issue date: 
October 9, 2010

Pulp and paper firm signs carbon deal in Sumatra

Indonesian pulp and paper firm Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) has signed a deal to protect 15,640 hectares of peat forest in Sumatra in exchange for carbon payments, reports Reuters.

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Government to boost voluntary deals

Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan said he saw no promising future for any deal regarding REDD ahead of the upcoming climate talks in Mexico, prompting his office to aim to forge voluntary pacts with rich nations.

Issue date: 
September 23, 2010

Minister asks NGOs not to discredit their own country

Pelalawan, Riau (ANTARA News) - Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan has asked Indonesian non-governmental organization activists not discredit their own country abroad and thus disrupt the country`s business development.

"We ask for the NGOs` cooperation to jointly settle any problem that arises. Do not denigrate your own country abroad," he said after inspecting an acacia nursery of PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper in Pelalawan, Riau, Sumatra on Thursday.

Issue date: 
Sep 21, 2010

U.S. announces duties on coated paper imports from China & Indonesia

Issue date: 
September 20, 2010

Forestry thrust gets €3M

THE DEPARTMENT of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has signed an agreement with German Technical Cooperation (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit, or GTZ) to improve forestry policies and implement Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) mea

Issue date: 
Sep 17, 2010

Graft could jeopardize Indonesia's climate deals

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Indonesia bans exports of illegally harvested timber

Stepping up its fight against illegal logging, the government began the implementation early this month of a ban on exports of illegally harvested wood and wood products.

The government made it mandatory for forestry companies to obtain official certificates to show that timber has been legally sourced without damaging forests. The policy has been deemed necessary since according to official statistics illegal logging activities have been destroying more than 1 million hectares of forests each year.


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