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10th Aniversary

25th of October 2008


The forest association Weilhart (WWGW) has been founded in 1998 by a couple of enthusiastic forest owners in the region of county Braunau, Flachgau, Altötting, Traunstein.

In the meantime more than 100 members have joined the association.

Main objects of the association are:

  • Near natural forestry
  • Preservation of natural revegetation by controlling game life stocks
  • Close cooperation with university in fields of revegetation of natural tree species
  • FSC certification
  • Training and education of forest owners
  • Marketing of forest products
  • Biomass fuel supply for district heating “microgrids”

The WWGW is the only border crossing forest association in Austria and the only border crossing FSC-certified forest owner group world-wide. Various undertakings have been organized by the WWGW in the past, e.g.:

  • A big oak tree planting research program
  • At least one regional forest based event a year since its foundation

The 10th anniversary will be split into two parts:

  • A “forest road show” will be held within the forests of WWGW members
    • Mechanized harvesting
    • Hunting law restrictions by legal authority act
    • Wood chippers
    • Automatic fuel wood production
    • District wood chips heating system
    • Forest work safety and health
    • Timber supply rules
  • Presentations and discussion of recent topics and challenges

Detailed information about the event is in the German of this site available!

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