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12 August 2011

Stop the Indonesia-Australia REDD+ project

‘Custom Keepers’ in a district of Kalimantan are calling on the Indonesian president to stop a carbon-offset project in in the customary lands of the Dayak people.

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Greenpeace accused of shady fund raising

After releasing a report accusing pulp and paper companies of crimes against the environment, Greenpeace has faced mounting pressure from local and religious communities seeking its disbandment.

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and the Indonesian Churches’ Commission (PGI) have said on separate occasions that the government should outlaw the international environmental organization’s office in Indonesia, alleging that the group’s operations have been funded by money from gambling in the Netherlands.

Issue date: 
12 August, 2011

Local stakeholders crucial to end the fight over coal in Kutai National Park

Kutai National Park in East Kalimantan made the headlines in 2009 as a conservation area in danger of being split apart for its enormous deposits of high-grade coal.

Issue date: 
August 3, 2011

Mexico and Indonesia boost sustainable forest management

Mexico and Indonesia signed an agreement on cooperation in forestry, in order to promote strategies and policies for sustainable management of forests for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD +).

Issue date: 
July 15, 2011

KTS Plantation awarded outstanding forest management

OTA KINABALU: KTS Plantation Sdn Bhd was awarded the Certificate of Compliance by the Sabah Forestry Department (SFD) for its outstanding performance in forest management, yesterday.

Issue date: 
July 27, 2011

Palm oil, paper drive large-scale destruction of Indonesia's forests, but account for diminishing role in economy, says report mongabay.com

Indonesia's forests were cleared at a rate of 1.5 million hectares per year between 2000 and 2009, reports a new satellite-based assessment by Forest Watch Indonesia (FWI), an NGO. Expansion of oil palm and wood-pulp plantations were the biggest drivers of deforestation, yet account for a declining share of the national economy.

Issue date: 
22. Juli 2011

Increasing demand for verification and certification services creates business opportunities

California-based Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) announced that they will be setting up an office in Jakarta in direct response to an increasing demand for verification and certification services from the Indonesian timber industry.

PT Scientific Certification Systems Indonesia (PT-SCS), as it will be known, will offer services in Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification and Forest Management Certification, in Indonesia.

Issue date: 
Jul 21, 2011

Indonesians Await Forest Tenure Reform

SESAOT, Indonesia, Jul 21, 2011 (IPS) - Barbecue fires along the winding trail through the Sesaot forest reserve act as guides for delegates walking to an international forestry conference at a nearby beach resort.

The delicate aroma of skewered dices of meat roasting over open fires wafts over the trail. Women, assisted by their children, are doing brisk business selling the ‘satay’ to the visitors.

Issue date: 
18 July, 2011

Wealthy households driving deforestation, says new study

BOGOR, Indonesia (18 July, 2011)_High income households are responsible for 30 percent more deforestation than low income households, according to preliminary results from the Poverty and Environment Network’s (PEN) global study, suggesting that it is wealth, not poverty that is driving higher ra

Issue date: 
July 15, 2011

Indigenous groups call for halt to REDD pilot project

Indigenous communities in Central Kalimantan are calling on the government to stop a pilot project to alleviate the destruction of forests amid fears that it would prompt conflicts between local communities.

People living in and around forested areas in the province said they were not adequately informed about the plan and thus confused about Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation or REDD Plus.


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