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Pulp- and Paperindustry

Issue date: 
July 13th, 2012

China engineers digital vs. print showdown

If China succeeds in achieving one of its goals in the current five-year plan, 80% of its more than 1.3 billion residents will read books or periodicals by 2015.

Issue date: 
July 20, 2012

Tax Loopholes Block Efforts to Close Gaping U.S. Deficit

WASHINGTON — As a member of the “Gang of Six,” Senator Mike Crapo of Idaho has emerged as something of a hero among advocates of bipartisanship, one of three conservative Republicans working with three Democrats to cut the deficit by closing loopholes that allow businesses and households to avoid

Issue date: 
Jul 23, 2012

Lenzing AG Intensifies Pulp Cooperation with Sappi

Austria, Jul 23, 2012 - Lenzing AG, global market leader for man-made cellulose fibers, is intensifying its longstanding cooperation with the paper and pulp group Sappi.

Issue date: 
Jul 9, 2012

Weyerhaeuser Establishes Procurement Preference for American Tree Farm System®-Certified Wood

Weyerhaeuser Company (NYSE: WY) today announced its preference for purchasing wood that is certified under the American Tree Farm System®. This decision aligns with the company's commitment to responsible fiber sourcing.

Issue date: 
July 8, 2012

Wood Fiber Costs for the European Pulp Industry have fallen from the Record Highs of 2011

Wood costs for many European pulp mills have fallen the past six months as the pulp market has weakened.

Issue date: 
June 6, 2012

Asia Pulp & Paper Pledges ‘Sustainable Forest Management’

Asia Pulp & Paper has pledged that by 2020 all of its suppliers will be certified under the voluntary Indonesian sustainable forest management scheme.

Issue date: 
March 29, 2012

EBRD: Promoting sustainable forestry from Bratislava to Vladivostok

Our forests are a vital source of life to plants, animals and humans alike. Their trees do not merely provide a habitat for many species, but they also make the air clean and mitigate the effects of climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide.

Issue date: 
Jul 2, 2012

Lenzing Site : Construction Start of the New TENCEL® Production Facility

Investments of EUR 130 mn in Upper Austria

Expected completion in about 24 months

110 new jobs

Issue date: 
June 10, 2012

10 Questions About Toshiba's No-Print Day

In a stunning display of greenwashing and ignorance, a U.S. branch of Toshiba has proclaimed October 23 National No-Print Day.

Issue date: 
June 12, 2012

British Columbia’s Special Committee on Timber Supply consultation schedule

The British Columbia Special Committee on Timber Supply has announced its plans for conducting community and provincial consultations.


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