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Issue date: 
September 17, 2010

Is EU changing mind in terms of forest carbon?

New rumbling emerged from Europe this week that the potential for emissions-reducing activities involving land use, land-use change, and forestry may be finally getting a d

Issue date: 
06 September 2010

Forest carbon stores may be massively overestimated

Rainforests may store much less carbon than we thought. It could be time to dramatically revise our estimates following the discovery that apparently similar forests hold vastly different amounts of the stuff.

Issue date: 
September 2010

Updated standard provides new guidance for using forests to address climate change

Version 3.2 of the Climate Action Reserve’s Forest Project Protocol continues to ensure integrity of forest offset projects

Issue date: 
2 Sep, 2010

New Zealand: Region a net ETS winner

GISBORNE will be a net winner from the emissions trading scheme, promises Climate Change Minister Nick Smith.

At a well-attended meeting last night, Dr Smith managed to tame a potentially hostile audience through judicious use of the expressions:

“Good question”, “You’re absolutely right” and “That deserves a thorough answer — I’ll answer each point in turn”.

Issue date: 
August 31, 2010

The Missionary Position: The export of carbon guilt to the developing world

The advocates of renewable energy have long chanted a mantra of “green jobs, energy security and lower emissions”, but in country after country we continue to see a fork in the road emerging whereby individual nations are forced to make choices between lowering (global) emissions or developin

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Santa Cruz Mountains redwoods lure cash for trapping carbon

LOMPICO - PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric's) is handing over tens of thousands of dollars to the nonprofit Sempervirens Fund to protect a 425-acre stand of redwoods once slated for logging deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Issue date: 
August 26, 2010

New Zealand Farmers Harvest Carbon Credits

In New Zealand, where the sheep outnumber humans 9 to 1 and National Lamb Day is celebrated every Feb. 15, a carbon emission trading system that kicked off in July is upending the economics of sheep farming, a once crucial sector of the economy. Sheep farmers are walking away from the business of selling wool and lamb chops and are converting their grazing lands into tree farms that could prove valuable when the country's agricultural sector is forced to pay for greenhouse gas emissions starting in 2015.

Issue date: 
Aug. 25 2010

The US way of rescuing our climate...

For individuals and business, air travel is a fact of life. The world is our playground and we are not going to stop exploring new places and opportunities.

Issue date: 
Aug 25, 2010

Australia firm signs Congo carbon offsets deal

(Reuters) - An Australian carbon services firm has signed a deal aimed at protecting tropical forests in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as boosting renewable energy there, a senior company official said on Wednesday.

Shift2Neutral and its partners would help value the carbon storage from forest and land protection, certify carbon related services to communities in the DRC and help sell certified carbon offsets.

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Chance to see the good for the trees

The much maligned Emissions Trading Scheme can provide even the owners of small forest blocks with a bonus return, if they make the effort to find out, as Peter Watson reports.

Owners of hundreds of small forestry blocks planted in Nelson before 1990 have been warned they risk either being surprised by some large bills or missing out on a one-off windfall if they don't get up to speed soon with the Emissions Trading Scheme.


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