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Forest carbon

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3 March 2010

The road from Copenhagen to Cancún

Writing for Carbon Positive, Michael Zammit Cutajar,  who was Chair of the key UN negotiating group at Copenhagen on long-term cooperative action, assesses negotiating prospects in 2010 in the lead up to Mexico talks at the end of the year...

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EU summit annouces €7.2 bln infusion in adaptation funding for poor nations, eliciting cautious applause

COPENHAGEN – EU leaders meeting in Brussels ground through late night talks in a two day summit to arrive at a figure of € 7.2 billion over the next three years in so-called “fast start” funding for poorer nations and developing countries to adapt to climate chan

Issue date: 
Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Zealand leads on forest carbon

While cap-and-trade legislation stalls in the US and Australia, Copenhagen’s limited progress holds back REDD, and the inflexibilities of the Kyoto Protocol’s CDM keeps a lid on reforestation act

Issue date: 
Thursday, February 25, 2010

Calculating the value of carbon in trees

Delegates at the global climate summit failed to figure out a way to stop the destruction of the world's forests. But some lawmakers think they have a solution, and it relies on financing from some of America's biggest polluters.

Issue date: 
Friday, February 26, 2010

Conservation projects displace locals

Several years ago three U.S. companies sank millions of dollars into a forest reserve in southern Brazil to earn credits to cover some of their carbon emissions back in America. How does the scheme work on the ground? Michael Montgomery reports in collaboration with Mark Schapiro.

Issue date: 
Feb 24, 2010

Cool Green Budget: What’s Good for Nature in FY2011

One of these days I hope to write a blog about accompanying a Nature Conservancy scientist in exploring an isolated forest cove in Tennessee and discovering a graceful new orchid species growing near the entrance of a cave.

Issue date: 
Thursday, 25 February 2010

The U.S. will contribute one billion to REDD

"Protecting the world's forests is not a luxury – it is a necessity," said Secretary Vilsack.

Issue date: 
23 February 2010

Optimism on Forestry Demand Sparks German Stake in Canadian Developer

German carbon consultancy Forest Carbon Group AG last week took a 30% stake in Canadian project developer ERA Carbon Offsets, and for reasons many will find surprising. Number one on the list: anticipation of growing demand for forestry offsets among German voluntary buyers, who have traditionally been leery of non-industrial offsets.

Issue date: 
Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Nigeria to have first reduced emissions project

Nigeria will soon have the first project on Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD)


The Minister of Environment, Mr. John Odey stated this in his remarks at a National Climate Change Post Copenhagen Summit held in Abuja.

Issue date: 
February 22, 2010

REDD may not provide sufficient incentive to developers over palm oil

Payments for forest conservation under the proposed REDD mechanism are unlikely to provide a viable economic alternative to oil palm agriculture at current prices. Lian Pin Koh (ETH Zürich) and Rhett A. Butler, mongabay.com


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