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REDD+ Capacity building

12 years 5 months ago

Notwithstanding issues affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of forest and forest land allocation policies, Vietnam is at a cross-road at the time market-based mechanisms for forest conservation, such as REDD, are attracting an increasing and vibrant interest in international Climate Change...

Stabroek News | 12 years 5 months ago

The report on the Norway-Guyana MoU is an unusual event in the normally secretive apparatus of government in Guyana.

Nature and Poverty | 12 years 5 months ago

This training manual has been written for indigenous trainers who intend to facilitate a training on REDD for indigenous leaders. It has been devised for a proposed five-days training programme with five modules. The manual includes suggestions for the objectives of each module, activities and...

UN PRESS | 12 years 5 months ago

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues; Ninth Session; 12th & 13th Meetings (AM & PM): The “painful” history of State control over forests could be traced by following the heavily deforested footprints that colonizers had left on indigenous lands and territories, the Permanent Forum on...


by Dr. Radut