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Forests fare poorly in outcomes of Rio+20

BY Michelle Kovacevic, CIFOR

(CIFOR - June 26, 2012) - Forests have been largely ignored or ambiguously mentioned in the Rio+20 outcome document, yet again postponing progress on integrating forests into sustainable development objectives, said CIFOR scientists at the conclusion of the Rio+20 summit last week.

The madness of renewable biomass power keeps on going

In the south-eastern part of Poland GDF SUEZ is going to replace of a coal-fired boiler at the Polaniec S.A. power plant by a new biomass fluidized bed boiler with a capacity of 480 megawatt.

The planned 180 MWe biomass power station is going to be the largest biomass power plant of the world.

Just for your records: the guys there are planning to destroy biomass in the amount of approximately 300 MW. As for any biomass power plant only 40% of the biomass chipped into the boiler will transform to electric energy.

World Banks' new report on illegal logging

March, 2012: Once again a reputable organization comes up with a delusive and misleading statement. Apparently it seems to be a real brainteaser to understand the difference between illegal logging and deforestation. Just like the EU, World Bank came up with a text in which illegal logging and deforestation are used synonymously.

30% of global greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation!

One couldn't believe these figures:

"The link between deforestation and climate change is well known and estimated to cause between 25-30 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions - and excessive demand for wood is one of the main causes of forest destruction ."

The Durban results in BRIEF

Funding for carbon trading projects halted

The Citizen, Tanzania

Funding for a carbon trading system known as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) has been suspended until further negotiations between poor countries and powerful industrial nations.

WWF accused of supporting illegal logging activities...

WWF seems to have some demand for explanation in regard of it's operations in tropical countries.

BONN 2011: REDD+ status and results achieved so far

Duly to yearly climate change negotiations on technical level in Bonn, Germany some stakeholders have published their view on the state of negotiations. Below you will find some interesting excerpt of documentes published so far:


1. There is good paper from Carbon TradeWatch describing the key players in REDD+ negotiations.

Are UK companies keen on contributing to sustainable forestry?

Last weekend (4.2.2011/5.2.2011) we had been witnesses of some interesting information campaign in the UK:


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