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The 'virtual economy' of REDD+ projects: does private certification of REDD+ projects ensure their environmental integrity?

International Forestry Review http://dx.doi.org/10.1505/146554816818966336

The ‘virtual economy’ of REDD+ projects: does private certification of REDD+ projects ensure their environmental integrity?


Das klimapolitische Instrument REDD - eine kritische Betrachtung

Im Rahmen des Seminars zur Waldpolitik WS 2014 an der BOKU (in Wien) konnte ich mit Studenten das klimapolitische Instrument "REDD" diskutieren.

Hier finden Sie die Präsentation dazu...

Zusammefassend kann folgendes gesagt werden:

„Primary REDD concepts and principles are fundamentally flawed“

The real drivers of deforestation and forest degradation

The actual causes of deforestation -- above all, the already unsustainable demand agricultural products in the North -- were considered a far lower priority in Doha than carbon market-related accounting. Nonetheless, some governments, especially those of the UK and Norway, paid at least lip service to them.

Combating climate change on credit

An article of Aljazeera - the topic says everything...

You're buying an airplane ticket online. Scroll to the bottom of the website, and there's an option to "buy carbon credits" to "offset" the climate change-inducing emissions you are about to produce during your flight.

It sounds like an attractive, market-based way to appease your environmental conscience - and quite affordably, too. But what are you actually buying? And how much - if any - difference can it really make in the fight against global warming?

The Different Colours of REDD

Ilona Jankovits  -  320217-  Msc Global Business and Stakeholder Management - The Different Colours of REDD

Ever wondered how REDD+ really works?

"Developed countries have vowed to help the developing world get up to speed on REDD, and many say they’re putting up billions towards the effort. Few, however, have actually followed through on their promises, and those who say they have aren’t doing a good job of proving it. The REDD+ Expenditures Tracking Project aims to change that."

There is a nice article at the Website of Ecosystem Marketplace from Kelli Barrett. I just start to cite the first paragraph - read further at there site:

Will trees grow better when finding more CO2 in the atmosphere or not?

The Telegraph:

We're told, endlessly, that climate change will mean the end of the Amazon, of the tropical forests, and the Earth will lose its lungs. It appears that this is not wholly and completely true. Actually, an increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is likely to lead to the growth of huge, new, tropical forests.

The report is in Nature and this is the important point:


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