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13 August 2012

Ghana: Eight Million for Reducing Deforestation in Ghana

There are indications that the country could be benefitting from an eight million Cedi (GHC8 million) monetary support from the Embassy of Switzerland for the implementation of anti-deforestation initiatives in Ghana.

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USD 62 million to Nepal Government Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme

The Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme is the product of the first multistakeholder design process to be undertaken in Nepal’s forestry sector.

Issue date: 
Jan 12, 2012

Management of beech forest can cut firewood emissions

How do you get more wood out of a tree and fewer emissions from the firewood? The answer lies in the type of trees you choose to plant, the layout that you plant them in and the size you let them grow to.

Issue date: 
Jul 20, 2011

Sappi Fine Paper Europe Announces Final Closure of Biberist Mill in Switzerland

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Jul 20, 2011 - After an exhaustive search for possible purchasers for its Biberist mill in Switzerland, Sappi Fine Paper Europe has today announced that it has been unsuccessful in its attempts to find a suitable acquirer to allow continued operations and employment at the mill.

Issue date: 
Mar 2011

Sappi Fine Paper Europe Envisages the Closure of its Biberist Mill in Switzerland

Brussels, Belgium, Mar 2011 - Sappi Fine Paper Europe envisages the closure of its Biberist Mill in Switzerland in response to market conditions and sustained increases in input costs and begins consultations

As a result of continued overcapacity in the European Coated and Uncoated Fine Paper markets, it has not proved possible to recover the sharply increased costs of raw material and energy over recent years. Sappi has therefore undertaken a review of its European production activities.

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