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Energie aus Holzbiomasse

Issue date: 
Sep 21, 2010

Criteria and indicators for sustainable woodfuels

The designations employed and the presentation of material in this information product do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) concerning the legal or development status of any country, territory, c

Issue date: 
Sep 21st, 2010

Biomass Burning Rules in Massachusetts Could Have National Impact

In a move that could have wide ramifications for the future of biomass power nationwide, Massachusetts regulators have proposed to strictly regulate the ability of wood-burning incinerators to earn renewable power certificates.

Issue date: 
21 September 2010

UN-backed ‘clean stove’ initiative to save lives and heal environment

21 September 2010 – A United Nations-backed intervention involving cook stoves holds the promise of saving lives, uplifting health, improving regional environments, reducing deforestation, empowering local entrepreneurs, speeding development, and helping to stem global climate change.

Issue date: 
September 22, 2010

Clinton's Plan to Help the Poor and the Planet With Stoves

On Tuesday, Secretary Clinton announced the U.S. plan to contribute $50 million to help send fuel-efficient stoves to developing countries.

Issue date: 
14 September 2010

Russian Technologies to Build Biofuel Factory

Issue date: 
Sep 15, 2010

Biomass direct energy plant proposed for Dryden, Ontario

Two Dryden business owners, Bryan Tardiff and Louie Ricci, are partnering with German owned Lambion Energy Solutions to propose Far North Biomass - a biomass driven, direct energy plant in Dryden, Ontario.

Issue date: 

The Growing Potential and Rooted Limitations of Biofuels

As oil and natural gas reserves are being depleted, the world's attention is increasingly turning to plant-based energy sources.

Issue date: 
Sep 8, 2010

Nova Scotia Power wants to keep its biomass analysis private

Tomorrow, a hearing will reconvene in Nova Scotia over Nova Scotia Power's request to spend $208 million to build a wood burning power generating plant with NewPage Port Hawkesbury.

Issue date: 
September 10th, 2010

China drafting forestry bio-energy plan

A ten-year plan (2011-2020) to boost bio-energy development in the forestry industry is being drafted by Chinese government authorities, which would put forward a goal that some 20 million hectares of forestry farms be planted to provide feedstock for bio-energy over this ten-year period, the

Issue date: 
Sep 1, 2010

Federal renewable fuel regulations will require 2 billion litres of renewable fuel

Federal regulations requiring an average renewable fuel content of 5% in gasoline have been finalized and will come into effect starting December 15, 2010. The 5% renewable fuel content requirement in gasoline will require about two billion litres a year of renewable fuel across Canada, a volume estimated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about one megatonne a year.


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