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Saw milling industry

Issue date: 
05 May 2011

Ilim Group to start the construction of a plant in the scope of investment project in Bratsk

Issue date: 
May 6, 2011

UPM sells its Lohja veneer mill to the mill's operative management

Issue date: 
May 09, 2011

Japan: Timber industry in crisis

Many domestic wood processing mills in coastal areas in eastern Japan suffered extensive damage caused by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. It is estimated that a capacity of 60,000 cu.m of plywood per month has been lost.
Issue date: 
4th, 2011

First wood framed housing project in Richmond, B.C. lost in massive fire

A massive fire destroyed the controversial wood-framed housing project being constructed in Richmond, British Columbia last night.

Issue date: 
May 4, 2011

Forest Industry Production Continues to Grow in Finland – Cost Developments are Eroding Competitiveness

Finland , May 4, 2011 - “The forest industry's production has recovered both from the recession and the structural changes."

"The industrial policy decisions included in the coming Programme for Government will largely decide how profitable Finnish mills can be in international competition,” says Timo Jaatinen, Director General of the Finnish Forest Industries Federation.

Issue date: 
May 2, 2011

Forestry industry maps out a greener, more sustainable future

EDMONTON - Canada’s forestry industry has been under the gun this decade, facing devastating beetle damage, softwood-lumber tariff battles with the U.S. and attention from environmental groups over logging practices and pollution.

Issue date: 
May 3, 2011

Rosleshoz will develop new relationships with regions durinf the VII Baikal Economic Forum

Issue date: 
April 27, 2011

Your Ecological House

Issue date: 
April 27th, 2011

$8.4 m pilot plant for stronger structural materials

Tembec, an integrated forest products company with operations in Canada and France, has announced plans to build a C$8.4-million pilot plant to develop stronger and more durable structural material made from pulp and modified phenolic resin.

Issue date: 
April 27th, 2011

China’s Imports Soar in 2010 - led by Logs (+22%) and Lumber (+49%)


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