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Issue date: 
July 23rd, 2012

Is aggressive salvage logging in B.C. causing the crash of the moose populations?

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that the salvage logging (Kalamitätsnutzung) of the beetle-killed pine forests in British Columbia is being blamed for moose populations in the interior crashing by up to 70%.

Issue date: 
11 Jan 2012

There's still money in trees, even wilding pine

In response to the problems, and the costs, of wilding conifer control (ODT, 28.12.11) there is considerable scope to mitigate much of these costs with the recovery of saleable wood in the form of saw logs, post timber (roundwood), firewood and the potential income from chipping residue fo

Issue date: 
December 24, 2011

One pine beetle outbreak can affect forest carbon flux for decades

But the precise effect of pine bark beetle plagues on the nitrogen cycle and carbon cycle is highly variable, says a research group led by the University of Idaho, who have used an ecosystem model to simulate outbreaks.

Issue date: 
November 30th, 2011

Alberta making progress against the mountain pine beetle

Aerial surveys show Alberta is making progress in its fight against mountain pine beetle infestations in some parts of the province.

Issue date: 
August 5th, 2011

DuPont volunteers to suspend sales of its herbicide Imprelis®

DuPont Chemical produces a herbicide, called Imprelis®, that was developed by its scientists to be “a post-emergent broadleaf weed control product that provides turf professionals with an innovative solution to control a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds.”

Issue date: 
August 6th, 2011

Softwood lumber dispute’s next round set to begin August 9

On August 9, the United States will makes its case to the London Court of International Arbitration that British Columbia is subsidizing timber prices for pine-beetle damaged trees.

Issue date: 
January 26, 2011

Nematodes are a real threat for European forests

Issue date: 
November 29, 2010

Tree fungus – 4,700 acres to be felled

Seven square miles of woodland are to be wiped from the West landscape as the battle to control a virulent tree-killing fungus intensifies.

Issue date: 
April 26, 2010

Debugging the beetle kill argument


Issue date: 
April 9, 2010

Concerns raised over cut of Saskatchewan's Dutch elm disease program

REGINA — Every time another elm tree becomes infected with Dutch elm disease (DED) and is cut down on Nathaniel Bowen's tree-lined street in Regina, he can't help but feel sad.


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