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Issue date: 
July 5th, 2012

Nova Scotia providing $1 million fund for building and maintaining private woodlot roads

The province of Nova Scotia is making $1 million available so private woodlot owners, including those in Queens County and the South Shore, can access more of their forest land.

The provincial fund is helping woodlot owners build and maintain woodlot roads.

Issue date: 
April 19, 2011

SFI Conservation Grant Supports Dalhousie University Forest Road Research

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, Canada, April 19, 2011 -- Dalhousie University's School of Resource and Environmental Studies has received a Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) Conservation and Community Partnerships Grant to develop best management practices for forest road crossings in Atlantic Canada to avoid disrupting water flows in wetlands.

Issue date: 
Oct. 19, 2010

Old Logging Practices Linked to High Erosion Rates

Clear-cut logging and related road-building in the 1950s and 1960s in southern Oregon's Siskiyou Mountains disrupted soil stability and led to unprecedented soil erosion made worse during heavy rainstorms, report University of Oregon researchers.

Issue date: 
March 27, 2010

US company awarded US$15 million Amalia Falls road project

U.S. company Synergy Holdings has been awarded a US$15 million project to build roads and bridges necessary for the start-up of the Amalia Falls Hydro project, Head of the Privatisation Unit, Winston Brassington, confirmed last evening.
President Bharrat Jagdeo announced the award of the contract at his office yesterday, noting that efforts are being made to conclude the financial arrangements for the Hydro project.
The Inter-American Development Bank and the China Development Bank have agreed to finance the US$450 million project.

Roads and Rainforests - of course they matter...

Chainsaws, bulldozers, and fires are tools of rainforest destruction, but roads are enablers.

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