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Issue date: 
9th March 2011

Govt: `Forest investors` grabbing villagers` land

The government yesterday expressed concern over the increasing wave of investors illegally buying large chunks of land from villagers for forest farming and management, apparently to engage in carbon trade.

Issue date: 
March 17, 2011

LULUCF in 2011 - Guest Commentary in Point Carbon

--the following appeared as a guest commentary in Carbon Market Europe, Thomson Reuters Point Carbon on February 25, 2011--

Closing the deal on forest accounting
By Chris Henschel, national manager of boreal conservation, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Mark it on your calendar: the UN climate change conference in South Africa this December will deliver an agreement on the accountability of industrialised countries for their emissions from forest management and other land uses (LULUCF).

Issue date: 
21st February 2011

ETS 'big opportunity' for farmers

Wanganui hill country farmers have a massive opportunity to use the Emissions Trading Scheme to get a return from their marginal land, Pat Hawinkels says.

"Internationally, the market for carbon is huge and it will just get bigger."

People registering their forests in the Emissions Trading Scheme get money for growing trees, which store carbon.

Registering for the scheme was only complex the first time, he said, and for some the money would keep a marginal farm viable.

Issue date: 
February 23, 2011

Study Compares Carbon Benefits of Forest Management Practices in Oregon

Issue date: 
October 20, 2009

Trade-offs and synergies between carbon storage and livelihood benefits from forest commons

Forests provide multiple benefits at local to global scales. These include the global public good of carbon sequestration and local and national level contributions to livelihoods for more than half a billion users.

Issue date: 
November 11, 2010

Interior West Forests on Verge of Becoming Net Carbon Emitter

Forests in the Interior West could soon flip from carbon sink to carbon source, forest experts say.

Issue date: 
22 October 2010

World Bank pays $4 for forest CERs

Africa’s first significant CDM forest carbon project has attracted a price of $US4 per tonne in temporary CER (tCER) carbon credits, according to a media report. The World Bank will buy the credits for half the carbon stored up to 2017 from an Ethiopian forestry project, the Humbo Assisted Natural Regeneration Project.

Issue date: 
October 19th, 2010

Forest Carbon Stock Measurement: Guidelines for measuring carbon stocks in community-managed forests

  • Title: Forest Caron Stock Measurement: Guidelines for measuring carbon stocks in community-managed forests
Issue date: 
September 19, 201

Promote carbon trading - of forest carbon credits

The Centre should promote a carbon credit trading mechanism on lines of the Kyoto Protocol in the country to enable the plantation industry to earn carbon credits.

Issue date: 
September 17, 2010

Is EU changing mind in terms of forest carbon?

New rumbling emerged from Europe this week that the potential for emissions-reducing activities involving land use, land-use change, and forestry may be finally getting a d


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