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Issue date: 
03 April 2012

Japan Backs Ghana’s Forest Preservation Scheme With $7.8m

The Japanese government is providing 7.8 million dollars to finance a special training programme on Geographical Information System and forestry inventory-taking under Ghana’s forest preservation programme.

Issue date: 
03/ 1/2012

Carbon Canopy: A Model for Solving Problems by Protecting Rather Than Destroying Our Natural Resources

A consortium of forward-thinking environmental groups led by the Dogwood Alliance, major corporations such as Staples and

Issue date: 
November 24, 2011


KAMPALA, Nov 24 (NNN-NEW VISION) -- PRESIDENT Yoweri Museveni has stopped the leasing of chunks of forest reserves to individuals to plant trees.

Issue date: 
21 February 2012

Conservation is priceless for Kenyan forest

Issue date: 
July 2010 - June 2012

Forest and Climate Conservation for the private Sector

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Super high-resolution carbon estimates for endangered Madagascar

By combining airborne laser technology, satellite mapping, and ground-based plot surveys, a team of researchers has produced the first large-scale, high-resolution estimates of carbon stocks in remote and fragile Madagascar.

Issue date: 
February 15, 2012

$780M eco-system protection fund launch

The Surinamese government has warned donors to stop treating the issue of eco-systems as mere handouts.
John Goedschalk, of Suriname’s Climate Compatible Development Agency, made the call on Monday during the launch of the Guyana Shield Facility, a fund to protect the ecosystems in the Guyana Shield region which includes Guyana, Suriname, Colombia and Brazil.

Issue date: 
February 16th, 2012

British Columbia moves to protect old growth in Avatar Grove

The Government of British Columbia announced today that all of Avatar Grove, a unique stand of old-growth cedars near Port Renfrew, is now protected in an expanded old growth management area.

Issue date: 
February 05, 2012

Charest announces conservation plan for Quebec's north

MONTREAL - Quebec will turn 20% of its vast northern territory into internationally recognized protected areas, a plan Premier Jean Charest said is one of the largest conservation projects in the world.

Issue date: 
6 February 2012

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