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Lokale Bevölkerung

Issue date: 
01 June 2012

Legal clarity on REDD benefit sharing mechanisms critical to avoid future disputes, says study

Legal clarity and consensus on which government institutions have the authority to make regulations on how to share benefits from REDD+ among stakeholders are critical to ensure the process’ legitimacy and avoid future disputes, recommended a study conducted by the Center for International Forest

Issue date: 
June 8, 2012

Seeing the people for the trees

Issue date: 
June 12, 2012

Analysis of possible indicators to measure impacts of REDD+ on biodiversity and on indigenous and local communities

This report has been produced for the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), as part of the activities in response to decision X/33 paragraph 9 (h), in which the Conference of the Parties requested the Executive Secretary to ‘…identify possible indicators to assess the contr

Issue date: 
20 May, 2012

International Law Principles for REDD+: The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Legal Obligations of REDD+ Actors

The REDD+ Principles identify a pathway to implement a human rights-based approach to development within REDD+ initiatives.

Issue date: 
22 May, 2012

Research questions REDD Program in Chiapas for Destroying Indigenous Identity

The program Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD Plus), driven by the UN, has been embraced by the government of Mexico since 2010, and its flagship is Chiapas where, as in other countries, the program is controversial.

Issue date: 
May 27, 2012

Forest Management and Climate Change: stakeholder perceptions

This document is part of the publications series produced by the Forest and Climate Ch

Issue date: 
15 May 2012

1.3 billion people rely on forests to survive

Hands off our forest! The UN has adopted a series of voluntary guidelines to protect indigenous peoples' rights to the land on which they live.

Issue date: 
May 7, 2012

Forest Peoples: Numbers Across the World

By providing estimated figures for indigenous and forest peoples’ populations in countries and regions across

Issue date: 
April 29, 2012

Why New Zealand’s consultation process is important for REDD+ countries

As the first country to implement a national level emissions trading system (ETS) that also includes a forestry component as part of its climate change strategy and meets New Zealand’s obligations under the Kyoto Protocol, NZ’s experience in developing this system warrants close attention.

Issue date: 
April 25 2012

Logging companies may assist rural development: Study

Logging companies play a key role in developing forest regions in Central Africa, a CIFOR report studying the impact of commercial forest management says.


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