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Aug 9, 2011

Preserving the cloud forest through Ethiopian-German partnership

A multifaceted project to preserve one of the last of Ethiopia's native forests has been underway for the past four years with the support of Germany's International Climate Initiative and NABU, the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union. The project focuses on reforestation, job creation in the region and the introduction of sustainable forest management practices. The area was officially named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve earlier this year.

Issue date: 
Aug 9, 2011

A class half full

A new paper in Trends in Ecology and Evolution argues that decades of conservation actions have had a positive impact for many of the world's endangered species. Even if we have not yet turned back the tide of the current mass extinction crisis, there have been notable successes.

Issue date: 
July 2011

Buyer, Regulator, and Enabler - The Government's Role in Ecosystem Services Markets

This paper discusses the public sector's role in PES internationally. In general, the public sector's role in ecosystem services markets is both critical, and evolving. The public sector roles are evolving in three distinct ways:

Issue date: 
August 08, 2011

Balancing agriculture and rainforest biodiversity in India’s Western Ghats

CITATION: M.O. Anand, Jagdish Krishnaswamy, Ajith Kumar, Archana Bali. Sustaining biodiversity conservation in human-modified landscapes in the Western Ghats: Remnant forests matter. Biological Conservation. 143 (2010) 2363–2374.

Issue date: 
4th August 2011

REDD+, Governance, and Community Forestry

The Forest Governance Learning Group brought together 12 experts from India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, and the UN-REDD Programme to discuss how community forestry strengths and shortcomings can influence the further development of REDD+.

Issue date: 
July1, 2011

Biodiversity Conservation through Sustainable Forest Management by Local Communities

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Issue date: 
24 Jul 2011


* Credits to reduce deforestation and degradation (REDD)

* Each is for a tonne of CO2 saved by unfelled forest

* So far demand is only in a small, thin voluntary market


By Valerie Volcovici, Point Carbon News

Issue date: 
25 July 2011

How WWF works with the logging companies


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