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Dez. 10, 2012

Are we heading back to landfills?

A Canadian forester recently transplanted to the States asked what sweeping federal policies exist concerning utilization of wood biomass for energy, to which I could only answer, "None." What we do have is a schizophrenic regulatory landscape, in which about 30 states have

Issue date: 
10 December 2012

UK supports wood-based biomass industry over climate action

UK alleges it will address drivers of climate change - but aims to subsidise a massive expansion of wood-based biomass industry

Issue date: 
December 10th, 2012

TPT Forests export market report

With their recent burst of enthusiasm Chinese buyers are now feeling more positive about 2013 prospects, with the common perception that the newly announced Government Leaders have little choice but to modestly stimulate the economy while new policy is put in place.

Issue date: 
December 10th, 2012

US housing boosts lumber not logs

Housing starts in the US jumped to 894,000 units in October. This was 19 percent higher than in August, and as much as 42 percent more than in October of last year.

Issue date: 
Dec 11, 2012

Mondi Syktyvkar Awarded EU Ecolabel for All Uncoated Fine Papers Produced at the Mill

Mondi Syktyvkar in Komi, Russia was recently awarded the EU Ecolabel for all papers produced at the mill. The EU Ecolabel is a certificate issued by the European Union, which verifies the environmental profile of a product or service.

Issue date: 
December 13, 2012

Ghana government approves new forest, wildlife policy

The Cabinet of the Ghana government has approved a revised forest and wildlife policy to enable the country to consolidate and maximise benefits derived from products and services of the forest and wildlife sector.

Issue date: 
December 15, 2012

Barama snags coveted timber legality certification

Guyana’s battle to eradicate illegal logging has been given a major boost with one major company recently received a key certification.
Barama Company Limited, which controls 1.6 million hectares of natural forests, has

Issue date: 
13 December 2012

Barama makes history with int'l timber certification

Barama Company Limited (BCL) has secured what it on Thursday announced as the largest single block of tropical forest to be certified under the Verified Legal Origin (VLO) anywhere in the world.

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Have European forests grown older or are they actually getting younger?

Europe’s forests have changed drastically since the 1950s when forest and land use management caught up with the effects of the World War II.

Issue date: 
Dec 18, 2012

EU Awards NER300 Technology Grant for UPM’s Biorefinery Project in France

The European Commission has awarded UPM a grant of EUR 170 million for solid wood-based biorefinery (BTL) project in Strasbourg, France. UPM Rauma’s similar biorefinery project plan in Finland has not received NER300-funding.


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