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Forest carbon

France gives one fifth of its development aid money to forest projects

France has proposed that one fifth of the money raised for developing countries to deal with climate change is ring-fenced for the fight against deforestation and investments in forestry projects,  for the next three year,  in order to  protectof natural forestry and mitigate climate change.

Issue date: 
November 29, 2009

EU accused of risking Copenhagen climate talks with stance on aid funding

Confidential papers reveal Europeans want assistance for poorer countries to come from existing cash pot. The EU was accused of threatening the global climate talks last night after confidential papers showed it wants existing overseas aid funding to be used to help poor countries adapt to global warming, not new and additional funds.

Brazil: 'Gringos' must pay to stop Amazon razing

Farmers who cut and burn trees in Brazil's part of the Amazon River Basin cause less environmental destruction, than rich Western nations have done in the past, the Brazilian President says. (read more about historical deforestation here)

Issue date: 
November 20, 2009

Expert warns of potential conflicts from REDD

An expert has warned that the REDD emissions reduction scheme designed to protect forests could be prone to conflicts between rich and rainforest nations, including Indonesia, which could in turn threaten bilateral relations because of complicated mechanisms involved in  the monitoring of the scheme.

Trees in far north provide biggest climate benefit

CHAMPIONS of carbon offsetting may have been barking up the wrong tree. It is generally assumed that the tropics are the best place to plant forests in order to sequester carbon and cool the planet, but a study of the effects of tree planting is casting doubt on this idea.

Forests' crucial climate role also seen by the US

A great deal has been learned over the past 15 years about how to reduce carbon emissions from tropical deforestation in ways that benefit local people and the global environment.

US-Report highlights deforestation

A new bipartisan coalition of business, government and environmental leaders is asking the Senate to make deforestation a centerpiece of the climate bill by allocating billions to fund tropical forest preservation programs in developing nations.

On the Copenhagen Agenda, Reducing Deforestation May Still Succeed

This month, the journal Nature Geoscience published a study calculating that deforestation is responsible for about 15% of global carbon emissions, down from earlier estimates of 20% or more. Most of the world's deforestation is concentrated in a few tropical nations, like Brazil and Indonesia where trees are disappearing fast — when these trees die or are burned, they release into the atmosphere all the carbon they've sucked up while they were alive. According to the Nature Geoscience study, the problem of deforestation is becoming a lot less dire than previously thought.

Asia governors endorse U.N. forest carbon scheme

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Six provincial governors from Indonesia, Laos and the Philippines on Thursday backed an expanded U.N. scheme aimed at protecting and conserving forests in return for carbon credits.

Is Earth's Capacity To Absorb CO2 Much Greater Than Expected?

The research, by Bristol University, suggests that despite rising emissions, the world is is still able to store a significant amount of greenhouse gases in oceans and forests.


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