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Forestry Commission forecasts high demand for wood

The UK Forestry Commission is predicting that the increased use of wood-fuelled boilers could boost the industry.

According to the commission, there has been a growth of businesses and consumers opting to install eco-friendly biomass boilers to reduce fuel bills and lower emissions.

In particular, the Forestry Commission highlighted the recent decision of Bradford council to use biomass fuel at its City Hall and Ilkley Town Hall as part of commitment to reduce greenhouse gases by 20 per cent in 2010/11.

Issue date: 
3 January 2011

Forest of Dean protesters fight big woodland selloff

There's been nothing quite like it in the ancient Forest of Dean since the last time a Conservative government tried to privatise Britain's largest oak forest.

Issue date: 
November 29, 2010

Tree fungus – 4,700 acres to be felled

Seven square miles of woodland are to be wiped from the West landscape as the battle to control a virulent tree-killing fungus intensifies.

Issue date: 
15 November 2010

Forestry industry fears for jobs if 100m trees are not planted

SCOTLAND'S forests are in deep decline, threatening jobs and carbon-cutting targets, despite a Scottish Government pledge to plant 100 million new trees by 2015, industry experts have warned.
Issue date: 
14 November 2010

Legislation to outlaw illegal timber is axed despite coalition pledge

The government has backed away from legislation that would outlaw the possession of illegally logged timber from the world's rainforests.

Issue date: 
2 November 2010

Biofuel power stations in planning pipeline

Two new power stations that use a fuel critics say contributes to the destruction of rainforest in south-east Asia may be built in the UK through subsidies added to customer bills.

Issue date: 
Friday 29 October

UK government confirms forest sell-off plans

Plans to sell off as much as 150,000 hectares of forest and woodland in England in the biggest sale of public land for nearly 60 years were today confirmed by the government in a letter sent to all MPs.

Issue date: 
28th October 2010

Government to spend £100m on saving forests

The UK Government has committed to spending £100 million on international projects that will tackle deforestation and improve biodiversity.

The global

forestry funding

Issue date: 
October 4, 2010

New Code to Determine the Quality of Forest Carbon Projects

A new scheme is being tested that will help businesses find out the real potential of tree planting projects designed to sequester carbon.


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