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Are UK companies keen on contributing to sustainable forestry?

Last weekend (4.2.2011/5.2.2011) we had been witnesses of some interesting information campaign in the UK:

Issue date: 
31 January 2011

National Trust moves to save Forestry Commission woodlands

The National Trust could step in to save the Forestry Commission's English forests, which the Government wants to sell off.

Issue date: 
3rd February 2011

Government 'failing on illegal logging pledge' - Caroline Lucas

A note from the editor: Ms. Lucas is still continuing her misleading campaign... Why? Read here...

Issue date: 
05 February 2011

'Major shift' needed to halt deforestation

A paradigm shift in global forest management is needed to halt tropical deforestation, said Global Witness at the start of the UN’s International Year of Forests. The status quo effectively legalises the destruction of natural forests by logging operations, subsidised by tax-dollars. Without efforts to overturn this, international action to prevent irreversible climate change will founder and the livelihoods of over a billion forest-dependent people will be at risk.

Issue date: 
04 Feb 2011

Government's forestry plans threaten to fell biomass ambitions

As with many environmentalists, the protests against the government's plans to sell off the bulk of the UK's forest estate have struck something of a nerve with me.

Issue date: 
January 21 2011

Results of CPET’s 2010 review of forest certification schemes

Compliance with the UK government's timber procurement policy is mainly demonstrated by certification under either the FSC or PEFC schemes and the schemes are very important for the implementation of the policy.

Issue date: 
January 28th, 2011

Defra Forestry Plans Revealed

The UK governement has unveiled its long-awaited plans for the Forestry Commission, proposing to lease woodland to private sector operators and hand over control of England´s heritage forests to charitable trusts.


Issue date: 
January 25, 2011

UK Government confirms PEFC as a source of legal and sustainable timber

The results of the 2010 CPET (Central Point of Expertise on Timber) Review, published on 21st January, concluded that both PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) continue to deliver evidence of sustainability in compliance with the UK Government’s timber policy.

Issue date: 
23 Jan 2011

Ancient woodland under threat

The Department for the Environment is due to publish a consultation this week setting out plans to privatise forests.

Issue date: 
7 January 2011

Johann Hari: For sale - Cameron's green credentials

Can you hear the silence of the huskies? When he was rebranding the Tory party, David Cameron promised us he would lead "the greenest government ever". Since he came to power, he has broken every environmental promise he made – and then gone much further.


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