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Issue date: 
November 11, 2010

Interior West Forests on Verge of Becoming Net Carbon Emitter

Forests in the Interior West could soon flip from carbon sink to carbon source, forest experts say.

Issue date: 
16 November 2010

California pilots REDD with Brazil, Mexico states

California has reached agreement with states in Mexico and Brazil for pilot projects to protect their rainforests in return for carbon credits under the provincial-level, international climate initiative of outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Issue date: 
November 2010

The United States Launches REDD+ Strategy

The U.S. Government is proud to announce the release of the United States' strategy to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and increase carbon sequestration by forests in developing countries. This is commonly referred to as REDD+.

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GE plants $500 million investment in Brazil

American conglomerate, General Electric (GE), has chosen Brazil as the location for its fifth key research and development centre, in a deal that will see the company invest $500 million in the nation.

The decision was made to locate the centre in Brazil as the company emphasizes its push on expanding its global operations - particularly in South America. Ferdinando Becalli-Falco, president of GE International, said Latin America's largest economy presented it with a number of financial benefits.

Issue date: 
November 10, 2010

Maine announces wood-to-energy conversion grants

The Maine Department of Conservation says eight wood-to-energy conversion projects are receiving more than $5.55 million in federal stimulus funding.

Issue date: 
October 22nd, 2010

Woody biomass prices in the US increase

Prices for woody biomass, whether it was sawmill by-products, forest residues or urban wood waste, were higher in the 3Q/10 than the previous quarter in most regions throughout the US reports Wood Resources International LLC.

Issue date: 
October 22, 2010

Officials show locals Burlington biomass site

BURLINGTON - While 25 people from Pownal signed up to take a bus trip to the McNeil Station, a 55-megawatt biomass power plant located at the north end of Burlington, only about a dozen attended.

Issue date: 
Oct. 19, 2010

Old Logging Practices Linked to High Erosion Rates

Clear-cut logging and related road-building in the 1950s and 1960s in southern Oregon's Siskiyou Mountains disrupted soil stability and led to unprecedented soil erosion made worse during heavy rainstorms, report University of Oregon researchers.

Issue date: 
18 October 2010

Forests soak up carbon, but for how long?

MISSOULA, Mont. - U.S. forests offset roughly 11 percent of the nation's industrial greenhouse gas emissions, storing "significant amounts" of carbon that would otherwise pollute the atmosphere, according to new government data.

Issue date: 
October 19th, 2010

Timberland Investment Resources Introduces European Hedge Fund

On Monday the American forestry investment firm Timberland Investment Resources (TIR) has launched a European timber hedge fun


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