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October 15, 2010

Weyerhaeuser, First Nations sign forestry agreement

Weyerhaeuser Canada president Anne Giardini joined with Forestry Minister Michael Gravelle and Wabaseemoong (Whitedog) Independent Nations Chief Eric Fisher in signing an historic shareholder-managed Sustainable Forest Licence for the Kenora Forest Thursday.

Issue date: 
October 13, 2010

Food crisis will drive up the price of ethanol

The U.S. investment bank Morgan Stanley believes that we have a food crisis. An especially raging summer in the US, droughts and forest fires in countries including Brazil and Russia and heavy rain in Europe and Canada have hit many grain and oilseed crops this year.

Issue date: 
October 13, 2010

Lumber futures rose to four-month high

Lumber futures rose the maximum permitted by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Tuesday, reaching a four month high, as the U.S. disputes the pricing of wood imported from Canada, the biggest foreign supplier reports Bloomberg.

Issue date: 
October 12, 2010

University of Montana plans to construct biomass boiler to heat, light campus

The University of Montana is literally getting fired up about renewable energy.

UM is making plans to produce its own energy in the future by building a $16 million, wood-fired biomass boiler alongside its existing heating plant on the east side of campus.

Issue date: 
Oct 9, 2010

U.S. is not happy with BC's underpriced lumber exports

The United States has requested consultation with Canada under the Softwood Lumber Agreement. At issue is the apparent unfair under-pricing of timber harvested from public lands in the Interior region of British Columbia.

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Biomass project meeting draws a skeptical throng

Issue date: 
September 24, 2010

Press Converence with Todd Stern: The Kyoto Protocol Question is a Very Difficult One

MR. STERN: Hi everybody. Thanks for coming. We've just completed the ninth meeting of the Major Economies Forum here in New York. It was attended by officials from 17 major economies, both developed and developing.

Issue date: 
Sep 21st, 2010

Biomass Burning Rules in Massachusetts Could Have National Impact

In a move that could have wide ramifications for the future of biomass power nationwide, Massachusetts regulators have proposed to strictly regulate the ability of wood-burning incinerators to earn renewable power certificates.

Issue date: 
Sep 21, 2010

U.S. announces duties on coated paper imports from China & Indonesia

Issue date: 
September 22, 2010

Clinton's Plan to Help the Poor and the Planet With Stoves

On Tuesday, Secretary Clinton announced the U.S. plan to contribute $50 million to help send fuel-efficient stoves to developing countries.


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