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Issue date: 
March 28th, 2011

Wood First initatives – spreading from B.C. across the country

The Wood First initiative started in British Columbia. Their provincial government passed the Wood First Act in 2009 that requires wood to be considered as the primary building material in all new publicly-funded buildings, such as schools, libraries or sports complexes.

Issue date: 
March 21, 2011

Swedish forest industry critical about the green paradigm shift according to new thesis

Issue date: 
14 March 2011

What forestry can do for climate change policy

Growing trees is nature’s way of absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.  So most would assume that the forest industry would be front and centre of the government’s climate change policy.  They’d be wrong. 

The government’s carbon price to be introduced from July 2012 will rightly focus on the big emitters but will provide next to no incentives for growth in Australia’s sustainable forest industry – which absorbs and stores carbon from the atmosphere.

Issue date: 
Mar 14, 2011

Harper Government Invests in Canada's Forest Sector - Catalyst's Powell River Mill

Issue date: 
15 March 2011

The timber harvesting volume in the Republic of Bashkortostan is projected to increase by 30%

The timber harvesting volumes will increase by 30 %, as estimated by Rajap Nabiullin, the Minister for Forestry Complex of the Republic of Bashkortostan. This index was accepted by the Forest Plan and the  Program of Development of the regional Timber Industry Complex.

Issue date: 
March 18, 2011

Lumber pricing spikes in the aftermath of Japan's massive earthquake

Issue date: 
Mar 9, 2011

Pine Pulpwood Prices Driven by Bioenergy and OSB

Issue date: 
10 March 2011

Arkhangelsk International Forestry Forum will take place in April, 6-8

Issue date: 
11 March 2011

The investments in the timber industry complex of Karelia doubled

Issue date: 
Mar 4, 2011

IFC and NCASI Release Enhanced Version of the Forest Industry Carbon Assessment Tool (FICAT)


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