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Issue date: 
23 Feb 2012

Tesco and Unilever beef up rainforest protection efforts

Two of the world's largest brands, Tesco and Unilever, have today launched major new initiatives designed to enhance rainforest protection and improve the sustainability of global supply chains.

Issue date: 
February 14, 2012

UN and KPMG Prod Corporate Leaders on Sustainability

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged corporate leaders to back up their words about sustainable business practices with concrete actions at a KPMG-sponsored conference on sustainability.

Issue date: 
14 February 2012

Private sector corruption

What is private sector corruption? A flippant answer would be anything that the losing party in a job or tender selection process says it is, since there is that old saying that one person's corruption (or patronage, nepotism) is another's rightful meritocracy!1

Time for a re-evaluation and new market rules?

Issue date: 
Feb 16, 2012

New web tool to improve accuracy of global land cover maps

An interactive web tool has been developed to improve the accuracy and extent of global land use and forest cover information. The new 'Geo-Wiki' uses Google Earth and information provided by a global network of volunteers to fill in 'data gaps' and to verify existing land cover information.

Issue date: 
6 February 2012

Paid for Keeping the Forest Alive

30% of global greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation!

One couldn't believe these figures:

"The link between deforestation and climate change is well known and estimated to cause between 25-30 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions - and excessive demand for wood is one of the main causes of forest destruction ."

Issue date: 
Feb 8 2012

Forest cover falls to 23.81% of total geographical area

India’s environment ministry has blamed Maoist rebels and shifting cultivation practised in the country’s north-east for a drop in forest cover.

Issue date: 
February 09, 2012

Humans drove rainforest into savannah in ancient Africa

Three thousand years ago (around 1000 BCE) several large sections of the Congo rainforest in central Africa suddenly vanished and became savannah.

Issue date: 

If biofuels are not the answer, then what is?

There is mounting evidence that the current generation of biofuels do not deliver the claimed environmental benefits. But are other alternatives to petrol and diesel likely to be any more successful? The Scientific Alliance newsletter.

Issue date: 
09 February 2012

Behind the forest cover

In its latest report, the Indian government has attributed the declining forest cover in India to forest clearance by Maoist guerrillas. The statistics, however, say the contrary.


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