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Issue date: 
June 2010

UNFCCC Publishes Meeting Report on Guidance for Forest Emissions and Removals


Issue date: 
Jun, 20 2010

Initiating Moves To Climate-proof Africa

Discouraged by the outcome of the Copenhagen climate summit last December as well as how negotiations at the just concluded talks in Bonn in Germany seem to have turned out, developing nations made up of mainly those from Africa are now looking inwards as a way out of the dilemma.

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Reducing CO2: Vietnam stands at the forefront

VietNamNet Bridge – On the occasion of an international conference on “Payments for Environmental Services and Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation” (REDD)

Issue date: 
June 14, 2010

CDM Critics Demand Investigation of Suspect Offsets

UNITED NATIONS -- A broad coalition of activists are charging that as much as a third of all Kyoto Protocol carbon offset credits ever sold to banks and governments could be illegitimate because they were generated by firms manipulating the marketplace.

Issue date: 
18 Jun 2010

Carbon-Free UK in 2030?

Carbon neutrality by 2030 is the new standard for climate policies, and again the UK is leading North America in the climate debate with a bo

Issue date: 
16 June 2010

David King: No cause for climate despair

THE prospect of an international agreement to halt dangerous climate change may seem more remote than ever following the talks that ended last week in Bonn, Germany.

Issue date: 
14 June 2010

Finland puts emphasis on renewable wooden energy in order to mitigate climate change

Finland’s forests are a substantial carbon sink. In 2008 Finland’s forests sequestrated 35 million tons of CO2. In Finland strong emphasis has been put on the mitigation issues by promoting the use of wood.

Issue date: 
June 11, 2010

Critics slam new climate change proposal in Bonn

BONN, Germany -- A new round of climate talks ended Friday with rich and poor countries both sharply criticizing a new text meant to pave the way toward a deal to halt global warming.

Issue date: 
May 2010


The Bonn Climate Change Talks begin today and are scheduled to conclude on Friday, 11 June 2010.

Issue date: 
25 May 2010

World Bank Approves First Climate Change Development Policy Loan


25 May 2010: The World Bank approved its first development policy loan dedicated to climate change mitigation and adaptation, in Indonesia.


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