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Issue date: 
June 4, 2010

Liberia's EPA: Global Challenges and Benefits

The Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia (EPA) is mandated to protect the human health and well-being of the Liberian people and others living within the nation's jurisdiction. 

Issue date: 
11 May 2010

Will and equity - does climate alternative offer enough?

No-one I know who survived the two-week incarceration in Copenhagen's Bella Center in December believes everything is tight and rosy with the UN climate process.


Issue date: 
May 4, 2010

EcoSecurities: Forest carbon offsetting report 2010

Issue date: 
April 21, 2010

Copenhagen Accord - missing the mark

Current pledges to reduce emissions are no where near good enough to keep the planet's warming to below 2°C, argue Joeri Rogelj, Malte Meinshausen and colleagues in an opinion piece in Nature this week.

Issue date: 
Friday, 22 February 2008

Tree planting: A key weapon against global warming

Tree-planting activities - reforestation and afforestation - have come in for criticism in recent times, giving rise to a debate over whether planting new forests in order to combat climate change is worthwhile, and whether it can be accurately reflected in a system of economic credits.

Issue date: 
Monday 12 April

Confidential document reveals Obama's hardline US climate talk strategy

Document outlines key messages the Obama administration wants to convey in the run-up to UN climate talks in Mexico in November.

Issue date: 
9 April 2010

Organizational Issues in Spotlight as Climate Talks Resume in Bonn

Delegates to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) have gathered in Bonn, Germany, for the first meeting since Copenhagen.  This three-day meeting, however, is more about process than product.  Ecosystem Marketplace drops in for a quick look at the negotiations.

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Business should get credit for saving forests, coalition says

Power companies should get credit under a climate change bill for forest conservation, a coalition of groups said Monday.

Companies also should get credit for supporting farming activites that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the groups said.

Klimaschutz Anschubfinanzierung der EU Staaten

Klimaschutzanschubfinanzierung für die Jahre 2010, 2011 und 2010 innerhalb der EU:

Die EU hat bis 2012 in Kopenhagen eine jährliche Klimaschutzanschubfinanzierung von 2,4 Milliarden EUR zugesagt.

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EU summit annouces €7.2 bln infusion in adaptation funding for poor nations, eliciting cautious applause

COPENHAGEN – EU leaders meeting in Brussels ground through late night talks in a two day summit to arrive at a figure of € 7.2 billion over the next three years in so-called “fast start” funding for poorer nations and developing countries to adapt to climate chan


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