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2009 Effects of Quality and product diff.: Paperitalo 2nd Tuesday Surveys

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Survey subject:

Quality and product diff.

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  Dates open:13 – 27 October 2009

Confidential level and error band:
(90% confid. Level, +/- 10% error band)

No. of respondents: 57

Pulp & Paper Industry

56% US respondents, 9% Europe, all other were less

  • 61% of respondents say they differentiate their products through performance
  • 52% say they differentiate themselves through delivery and service
  • 65% said they roll out customer generated ideas to all customers
  • Many ideas where expressed in writing. One that stood out – a mill has introduced anti-tampering automation so their paper machines run the same on all shifts thereby creating consistent products
  • 59% said recycled content is important for product differentiation
  • 65% said forestry certification has become important to their business
  • 67% said being in close proximity to their customers is important

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Quality and product diff 2009
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October 2009
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Paperitalo's 2nd Tuesday Surveys(TM)
Jim Thompson
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