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2009 employee benefits: Paperitalo 2nd Tuesday Surveys

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Survey subject:

Employee benefits

2nd Tuesday Surveys are Copyright 2010 by Paperitalo Publications and used by permission of the Copyright Owner

  Dates open: 13 – 28 Apr 2009

Confidential level and error band:
(95% confid. Level, +/- 7% error band)

No. of respondents: 185

Pulp & Paper Industry

63% US respondents, 5% Canada, 8% Western Europe, South America (other than Brazil) was 4%, all other areas were less

  • When asked the number of total days off for 20 years employees, 55% said “between 21-30” and 21% said “between 31-40”
  • 76% said health care was partially paid by the company
  • 58% of respondents have defined contribution retirement plan
  • 66% have long term sickness benefits
  • 72% report having an education reimbursement plan
  • Asked to describe usual benefits, answers ranged from “I get to work as many hours as I want, no one will stop me” to “we have a golf driving range, fish pond, baseball park and team approved leave with pay”
  • 54% report “in the past ten years our benefits have stayed the same or improved”

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Employee benefits 2009
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April 2009
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Paperitalo's 2nd Tuesday Surveys(TM)
Jim Thompson
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