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2009 Environmental impact constraints: Paperitalo 2nd Tuesday Surveys

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Survey subject:

Environmental impact constraints

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  Dates open: 11 – 25 August 2009

Confidential level and error band:
(94% confid. Level, +/- 10% error band)

No. of respondents: 82

Pulp & Paper Industry

56% US respondents, 9% Scandinavia, 11% Western Europe, all other were less

  • When asked “estimate the percentage of CAPEX in the last 10 years spent on environmental activities” 42% of respondents said 11 – 20%
  • 54% said water controls where the greater portion
  • 54% said environmental compliance had not helped them find more economical ways to manufacture their products
  • 13% of the respondents had previously worked in a mill closed because of environmental compliance costs
  • 23% of the mills are monitoring the activities leading to the Copenhagen Climate conference in December 2009
  • 45% said ‘perhaps’ environmental compliance will close their mill in the next 10 years
  • 52% said the environmental officers that monitor their site are ‘reasonable people’

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Drivers of the Pulp and Paper Industry:
Forest products markets / Holzproduktmärkte:
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Environmental impact constraints 2009
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August 2009
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Paperitalo's 2nd Tuesday Surveys(TM)
Jim Thompson
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