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Avoided Deforestation (REDD) and Indigenous Peoples

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Issue date: 
Feb 2, 2011
Publisher Name: 
Forest Trends
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This book published by the Instituto Socioambiental, with support from partner institution Forest Trends, seeks to provide a source of information and reflections which can be useful for the discussion and implementation of REDD projects in indigenous lands, in Brazil, and other Amazon countries. Contents include: - Indigenous Lands and the Climate Crisis - Forest Resources in Indigenous Territories and REDD Projects in the Amazon Basin - A Legal Opinion on the Ownership of Carbon Credits Generated by Forest Activities on Indigenous Lands in Brazil - The Surui Project: Building Indigenous Peoples' Capacity for Informed Engagement with REDD Finance - Legal Aspects of the Surui Carbon Project


  • Title: Avoided Deforestation (REDD) and Indigenous Peoples: experiences, challenges and opportunities in the Amazon context
  • Organization: Instituto Socioambiental and Forest Trends
  • Author:  Beto Borges, Erika Yamada, Saulo Andrade
  • Year of publication: 2010
  • Type: Book (144p.)
  • Language: English
  • Audience: Policy Makers, Practioneers
  • Reading level estimate: Policy
  • Price: Unknown

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