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Financing options to support REDD+ activities

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April, 2012
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Forest Carbon Asia
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This report has been prepared for the DG “Climate Action” of the European Commission. The report questions the narrow definition of performance commonly applied to REDD, and suggests that most “performances” will need previous “investments” in various sectoral activities to strengthen governance and institutional capacity. 

The main recommendations arising from this report are therefore to put “sustained investments” at the centre of REDD+ architecture and to redefine performance. Future progress in REDD+ will require supporting developing countries to carry out legal and policy reforms that lead to long term and sustainable land use and improvements in governance, improved management and conservation of forest lands. This requires redefining the notion of performance from ex-post results towards results related to sustained investments in structural and long-term reforms that are needed for curbing deforestation and, as they focus on agriculture, tenure and governance, are “no regret” policies. It will also be critical for REDD+ recipient governments to understand that REDD+ benefits are related to capacity building, sustainable use of forest resources and land use that ensures social and environmental progress and secures the sustainable provision of goods and services”.

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