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Argentina 16-17 November 2010

Palacio San Miguel - Suipacha 84 - Buenos Aires

The Forum follows the successful model of the private sector events organized at the XIII World Forestry Congress in Buenos Aires in October 2009. It provides a dynamic dialogue between forest producers and industry, timber land investors, the financing community and policy makers. The purpose is to stimulate the investment climate and international collaboration in the forestry sector of Argentina.


1.Promote Argentina’s competitive advantages in developing forest industry and attracting investors.

2.Identify government measures that contribute in promoting investments by local and foreign investors.

3.Explain the requirements of timber growers, industries, funds, timberland investors and the financial community for greater investment and financing in Argentina’s forest sector.

4.Prepare an investment roadmap for Argentina’s forest sector with a balance between the economic, environmental and social dimensions of sustainability.


Bioenergy Seminar


The objective of the bioenergy seminar is to focus the discussions on investment and financing on the potential to develop bioenergy production in the forestry sector. The discussion will start with an assessment of energy and bioenergy polices trends in the country and describing current international experiences in this rapidly developing field. It will then examine the opportunities for bioenergy development together with the forest industries. The purpose is to explore the feasibility and potential for bioenergy development in the forestry sector and determine what could be done to support such a development.

For further information please contact: Jukka.Tissari@fao.org


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