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The international regulation of sustainable forest management

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May 30, 2011
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Maguire, Rowena (2010) The international regulation of sustainable forest management : doctrinal concepts, governing institutions and implementation. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology.

The overarching objective of the research was to identify the existence and nature of international legal principles governing sustainable forest use and management. This research intended to uncover a set of forest legal considerations that are relevant for consideration across the globe. The purpose behind this, is to create a theoretical base of international forest law literature which be drawn upon to inform future international forestry research. This research will be of relevance to those undertaking examination of a particular forest issue or those focusing on forests in a particular region. The thesis explains the underlying legal issues in forest regulation, the dominant international regulatory approaches and makes suggestions as to how international and national forest policy could be improved.

[img] Rowena Maguire Thesis (PDF 2141Kb)


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