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Canadian Reforestation project developer Taking Root has come up with a new online tool to help its offset buyers explain and promote their offsetting commitment to their own customers.

The CO2 Responsible communications kit is designed to help businesses get full value from their decision to offset their carbon emissions and tackle climate change, and promote the benefits of Taking Root’s social reforestation project in Nicaragua.

The kit is a highly interactive online experience allowing visitors to engage directly with the Limay Community Carbon Project through video, photos and Google maps. It also educates in a user-friendly way how offsetting delivers the project benefits for livelihoods, ecosystems and climate change.

“We're pretty thrilled about it because it will get consumers to stop and think about the carbon footprints of the products or services they buy,” says David Baumann, Chief Technical and Policy Officer at Montreal-based Taking Root. “It will also help encourage new businesses to take responsibility for their footprints, which is essential in working towards a more sustainable future.”

View the “CO2 Responsible” tool:
In English
In French

More on Taking Root’s strategy behind the tool


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