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This series of technical reports on “International Financing for REDD” were produced to further UNFCCC parties’ understanding of the role and sequencing of public, private and market funding for REDD; and to discuss institutional and funding arrangements for REDD at international and national levels.

These reports are released as technical discussion papers that do not necessarily represent WWF's official position on these matters.

The following is a list of "International Financing for REDD" publications:

P. Gutman; The State of REDD+ Negotiations and Possible Outcomes at COP15, September 2009.

C. Loisel; REDD+ Initiatives Outside the UNFCCC, October 2009.

A. Sen; National Institutional Arrangements for REDD+ - Case Study: Guyana, November 2009.

T. Blanco Freja (cord.) National institutional Arrangements for REDD+ - Case Study: Colombia, November 2009.

M. Cigaran Tolmos (cord.) Challenges, Opportunities and Critical Aspects Regarding the Possible Implementation of REDD+ in Peru, December 2009.

P. Gutman Funding for Developing Countries’ REDD+ in the US Climate Change Legislation, December 2009.

F. Ardiansyah (cord.); National institutional Arrangements for REDD+ - Case Study: Indonesia, December 2009.

P. Gutman and D. Patterson; Lessons from REDD+ Preparedness in Colombia, Guyana, Indonesia and Peru.

M. Ibarraran and R. Boy Multiplier and distributive effects of large-scale REDD+ policies in Mexico, June 2010.


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