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The Russian forests are at the focus and under close examination

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24 March 2011
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The All-Russia meeting dedicated to the forestry relations joined the executives and experts from all the country to the Taurida Palace. The most relevant issues at the moment are the forest fire protection and reforestation. This was announced by Victor Zubkov, the Vice Prime-Minister of the Russian Federation.

During his speech the Vice Prime-Minister noted that the Federal Agency is taking considerable measures to support the timber industry in regions. For instance, the financing of the timber industry from the federal budget in 2011 will amount to 25,5 bln rubles, this figure exceeds by a factor of 1,5 those of the previous year. The Arkhangelsk Region is going to spend about 300 mln rubles on the project of softwood farms in Ustyansky District. The site and the relevant utilities have been already prepared, this means that the region will be involved in reforestation in a professional manner.

Moreover, as it was noted by Ilya Mikhalchuk, the Governor of Arkhangelsk Region, another wood farm will be opened in the region on account of private investments. The money will be allocated by the company «Ilim Pulp». Another 250 mln rubles will be assigned for the purchase of fire-fighting appliances.

Andrei Kostin, the acting head of the Agency for Forestry and Hunting Sector of Arkhangelsk Region, announced that Rosleshoz has planned to hand over seven fire-fighting and chemical stations of the third type, these stations can be operated all year round. Each station is equipped with nine fire-fighting units, including fire-fighting appliances, tractors, low roaders, automobiles.

It is planned that such stations will be located in Arkhangelsk, Velsk, Plesetsk, Bereznik, Kotlas, Karpagory  and Verkhnyaya Toima. Thed agreement with "Rosleshoz" has been already signed. The issue of forest protection will be closely discussed during the International Forestry Forum that will open on April, 6 in Arkhangelsk.


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