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The Asia Pacific Network for Environmental Governance (APNEG) invites readers to participate in their survey. The survey is on Governance and economic incentives for reducing the contribution of tropical deforestation to climate change.


They are interested in the perceptions of forest management experts of several issues:

  • The agents and causes of deforestation in the country in which the readers work.
  •  The relationships between decentralisation, forest governance and deforestation in the country in which you work. This section also asks about readers perceptions of the presence or absence of illegal logging and/or corruption in forest management.
  • The effectiveness of policies to address forest governance problems and deforestation. Views are also sought about policies that could work but which have not been implemented, and whether there are any other policies (and what they are) that could be more effective in contributing to reduced deforestation.

The survey is entirely anonymous. No personal data is collected, and there will be no way of identifying individuals from the responses provided. The survey is open until 11 December, 2011.


Please click here to view the online survey.


Please click here to view APNEG website.


Extpub | by Dr. Radut