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Sustainable Forest Management and Carbon in Tropical Latin America: The Case for REDD+

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November 1, 2011
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Nasi, R., Putz, F. E., Pacheco, P., Wunder, S. and Anta, S.
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This review paper assesses the economic, governance and technical conditions that shape forest management in tropical Latin America with particular regard to efforts to reduce forest-based carbon emissions. Provides a framework for discussions on how forest management can be improved in order to achieve environmental objectives whilst promoting local and national development and contributing to local livelihoods. Stresses the importance of good governance backed by financial incentives for effective enforcement of management regulations. It proposes policy interventions to lower GHG emissions by decreasing rates of forest degradation and increase carbon stock recovery in degraded forests and discusses how REDD+ could provide critical compensation to forest users for improved management practices in the absence of, or in combination with other economic incentives.

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