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Latvian Forest Company, The Forest Company and Forwood are three forest companies planning FOR IPOs during 2011 or 2012 reports nyemission.nu

Latvian Forest Company - Investment in forest land in Latvia. The starting point for the company's investment is an expected future appreciation of market prices for forest land in the Baltics. The company is planning a rights issue in January 2011 to later in the year note on one of the smaller lists.

The Forest Company - Purchase of land in South America, mainly Brazil, and cultivating Eucalyptus. The timber is sold to paper industry, but also for the production of charcoal for pig iron production. The company's legal domicile is Guernsey and is founded by the Swedish financier Harold Örneberg. The company hoped to be listed on stock exchanges in the autumn of 2010, but had also said that the time of listing is linked to the listing when it is favorable. If the market thaws in 2011, we should be able to see The Forest Company to reach the exchange. The company in June 2010 received a total of 1.4 billion SEK www.theforestcompany.se

Forwood - Forwoodkoncernen working directly and through wholly owned subsidiaries with investments in the cultivated hardwood in Panama. Since 1999, the Company directly or indirectly conveyed investment in teak to more than 1100 businesses and individuals. The company currently has more than 1000 hectares under management, assets valued at 216 million SEK, and is owned by approximately 580 shareholders. Forwood is planning a listing in 2012. www.forwood.com


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