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Zubiri resignation may derail land use, forest management bills

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Issue date: 
August 4, 2011
Publisher Name: 
Sun Star
Jonathan de Santos
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SENATOR Juan Miguel Zubiri, who announced his resignation Wednesday, will be leaving behind at least two "major" bills, a member of his staff said.

Dave Torres, head of Zubiri's legislative staff, told Sun.Star that Zubiri's resignation may delay passage of the National Land Use bill and the Sustainable Forest Management bill.

The land-use bill, which seeks to create a national framework on how much of the country's land will be allocated for various purposes, was already pending sponsorship on the floor, Torres said. He said the Senate environment committee had already prepared its report and had routed it for senators to sign.

Had Zubiri not resigned, the bill could have been up for sponsorship this week, he said. He said Senator Gregorio Honasan II might take over sponsorship of the land-use bill but that things are still in the air.

The Sustainable Forest Management bill, which was referred to Zubiri's Senate environment committee, will also be left pending. The bill, written by Senator Loren Legarda, creates a national policy of reforestation and the protection of existing forest cover.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, in a separate interview, said Zubiri's departure from the Senate will just mean committees under Zubiri will be assigned to other senators.

Zubiri sat as chairman of the environment committee and the committee on cooperatives. He was also chairman of joint congressional oversight committees on the Solid Waste Management Act, the Clean Air Act, the Chain Saw Act, and the Cooperatives Act.


Zubiri, a former majority leader, helped the Senate pass 650 bills into law, according to an accomplishment report released to the media.

He was author, co-author, or co-sponsor to 32 laws, including the Renewable Energy Act of 2008, the Rent Control Act of 2009, and the
Mindanao Development Authority Act of 2010. (Sunnex)


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