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Climate-L | 14 years 3 months ago

The UN-REDD Programme Policy Board met for its fourth meeting from 18-19 March 2010, in Nairobi, Kenya, and approved US$14.7 million in funding for national UN-REDD programmes in Bolivia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia. This decision brings the total amount of funding for UN-REDD...

Kenya Forests Blogs | 14 years 3 months ago

The KFS recently played host to about 50 UNDP visitors in the Kikuyu Escarpment, all of who are members of the UN REDD Policy Board. The policy members who are drawn from various countries around the world visited tree nurseries and the Kikuyu Escarpment Forest which has been partially fenced...

UN-REDD | 14 years 3 months ago

The UN-REDD Programme releases its inaugural Year in Review report for 2009.

Yahoo News | 14 years 3 months ago

LONDON, March 26 - The reputation of a Kyoto Protocol carbon finance scheme was dealt another blow after a UN climate panel late on Friday suspended the third emissions cut verifier in 15 months, and partially suspended a fourth. The scheme's executive board suspended emissions auditors TUEV SUED...

Stabroek News | 14 years 3 months ago

A lack of money hinders the National Toshaos’ Council (NTC) from holding further consultations in Amerindian communities about government’s forest preservation strategies, the organisation’s head, Yvonne Pearson says.

The Telegraph | 14 years 3 months ago

The carbon credits scheme would make WWF and its partners much richer, but with no lowering of overall CO2 emissions, writes Christopher Booker .

The Jakarta Post | 14 years 3 months ago

The Jakarta Post (Feb. 16) reported that the Forestry Ministry is planning to include oil palm estates to the forestry sector. Even though Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan denied the plan, an internal source at the ministry said that the decree is in progress (the Post, Feb. 23). This proposal...

Stabroek News | 14 years 3 months ago

Oslo will not use Guyana’s forest gains in its targets – ambassador US$30 million in forest protection money from Norway is still months away and Oslo will not treat any avoided deforestation or degradation of Guyana’s forest as contributions to its greenhouse gas emissions

kaieteur News Online | 14 years 3 months ago

The furore surrounding the statement issued by a conference of Amerindian leaders on land rights is, in the opinion of the Guyana Human Rights Association, misplaced and unhelpful. The sensitivity manifest by the supporters of  the LCDS and REDD+, is uncalled for, the GHRA said in a statement...

Climate-L | 14 years 3 months ago

Tuvalu came to Copenhagen with the aim of “sealing the deal.” Six months earlier we had tabled proposals for a new protocol and amendments to the Kyoto Protocol. With hindsight, some may say this was naive of us. Nevertheless we were hopeful that over 110 Heads of States, that had promised to...

14 years 4 months ago

Pablo Solón, Ambassador to the UN for the Plurinational State of Bolivia:

Business Standard | 14 years 4 months ago

The threat of climate change is now overwhelming the dialogue on forest policy. Forests, like other ecosystems, will be affected by temperature increase. But the dimension that is receiving much more attention is their role as a store for carbon. Forests hold more carbon than the atmosphere, and...

The New York Times | 14 years 4 months ago

NEW YORK -- Global carbon dioxide emissions offsetting markets are fast losing their luster in the minds of investors, both in the United States and abroad.

Guyna Chronicle | 14 years 4 months ago

THE National Amerindian Development Foundation, the Amerindian Action Movement of Guyana and the Guyanese Organisation of Indigenous Peoples are baffled by the misleading statements carried in the Stabroek News under caption ‘Indigenous Leaders call for hold on LCDS, REDD+ projects’ published...

Stabroeck News | 14 years 4 months ago

The Office of Climate Change (OCC) last night described the objections by some indigenous leaders to the LCDS and REDD+ policies as “malicious misrepresentations and distortions” and a deliberate attempt to mislead the public on the two policies.

Stabroeck News | 14 years 4 months ago

Some Indigenous leaders, who recently voiced concerns about the scope of government consultations over forest preservation plans, have since been victims of intimidation tactics, the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA) disclosed yesterday, while maintaining that genuine concerns of communities...

Stabroeck News | 14 years 4 months ago

Indigenous leaders say that they support “in principle” proposals that aim to protect standing forests but said that they must not be pressured into make decisions without full understanding of the implications of such policies. “Recognizing that the indigenous peoples of Guyana are the...

Guyana Chronicle | 14 years 4 months ago

I wish to refer to Stabroek News front page article under the caption ‘Indigenous leaders call for the hold on LCDS, REDD + projects’ and Kaieteur News article under the caption ‘Amerindian community slam LCDS consultation – current mining practices do not respect rights’ in their issues of...

Stabroeck News | 14 years 4 months ago

Indigenous leaders are calling on government and international agencies to shelve policies related to projects like the LCDS, REDD+ until free, prior and informed consent guidelines for land use are in place.


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