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Energie aus Holzbiomasse

Bio-fuel levy the last straw for NZ forest owners

A NZ Government decision to make big companies pay for some of their greenhouse gas emissions when using wood pellets and other biofuels is seen as the last straw by many in the forest industry. Reports Friday Off Cuts

Biofuels for Dummies

Carbon accounting used in the Kyoto Protocol and other climate legislation currently neglects CO2 emissions from the production of biofuels, a loophole that could drive large-scale destruction of tropical forests and exacerbate global warming, warned researchers writing last week in the journal Science.

Some Overview in Forest Investments of Forest Energy Plantations in 2009

Forests are a growing investment prospect as climate incentives place new value on wood chips and standing trees, say fund managers. An economic recovery will also drive demand for more traditional products such as pulp and lumber, investors say.

Pellets from Russia; Pellets

Implementing the strategy of production technology development at the sawmill implied increasing volume of production wastes, while traditional deliveries of the sawmill wastes (chips) to pulp mills came to nothing. Today one can say that the direction chosen was absolutely correct. According to the results of the two last years, the pellet plant of “DoK “Enisey” is the largest pellet producer in Russia – an optimized production consisting of 3 lines (hourly capacity 3.5 ton each). Pellets are exported from Russia, consumers being very much satisfied with the quality of Siberian pellets.

Issue date: 
October 27, 2009

Firewood imports to Ireland

Many foresters are now questioning the wisdom of allowing the importation of firewood from Eastern Europe into Ireland. They are concerned that this may pose a threat to our current disease-free status.

Wood Pellets Catch Fire as Renewable Energy Source

Some of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy in the world are the wind, the sun -- and the lowly wood pellet.

Who says it's green to burn woodchips?

Kenya: Out of the Forest And Into the Oven

Ever thought about the real costs of Biomass?

The biorefinery crowds, indeed many in the entire "private" energy research arena, are running around calling their efforts the new "Manhattan Project." They could not be further from the truth. It really deserves to be called the "Amtrak Project"--let me explain.

Biokraftstoffboom bedroht Erdklima

Biokraftstoffe gelten als klimaneutrale Alternative zu fossilen Brennstoffen wie etwa Erdöl. Deshalb tauchen sie in den bisherigen Klimaregelungen nicht auf. Aber ihr zunehmender Anbau droht die Erdatmosphäre einer Studie zufolge bis Ende dieses Jahrhunderts massiv mit Treibhausgasen zu belasten.

Potential Grows for Biomass Energy in the US

SAN FRANCISCO — Woody biomass provides just 0.94 percent of all U.S. energy now, supplying the equivalent of 3.5 million American homes. But Bob Cleaves, president of the Biomass Power Association, a group in Portland, Maine, that represents about 80 plant-burning incinerators in 16 states, says available raw material would allow the industry to double its output. New incinerators are already being planned in many states.


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