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The Amazon Fund, created in 2008 to promote projects for the prevention and combating deforestation and conservation and sustainable use of forests, has so far approved 30 projects. This represents $ 500 million in investments and $ 303 million in financing from Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social (BNDES), the fund manager. 

Of the total projects approved, 21 are contracted, reaching R $ 440.6 million in investments and $ 260 million in funding. Until now, were released by BNDES R $ 89.3 million. The Amazon Fund will be shown to foreigners who will participate this month, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio +20, in booth BNDES Park Athletes. 

The director of the Environmental Division of the BNDES, Guilherme Lacerda, recalled in an interview with Brazil Agency, that the resources of the Amazon are the result of agreement with the government of Norway, “which chose Brazil to devote a large part of resources that country for projects that preserve, enhance and strengthen the monitoring of mining activities appropriate throughout the Amazon.” 

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