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Carbon lab project in Suriname

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Issue date: 
December 24, 2010
Publisher Name: 
Stabroek News
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(De Ware Tijd) – In January, construction will start of a so-called ‘carbon lab’ at the premises of Berg en Dal on the Suriname River. This research project, which will measure the storage of carbon in the soil and trees, must provide more information about the monetary value of Suriname’s forests. As carbon is stored in forests, it acquires financial value on the world market. Yet it is still unclear how much Suriname’s forest is worth. Project coordinator John Goedschalk explains that measurements and samples will be taken on ten locations. In the lab, the amount of carbon stored in the trees and soil can be determined. Conservation International, IamGold, Kersten, which owns Berg en Dal, and the Center for Agricultural Research Suriname (CELOS) are participating in the project. The results will be stored in a databank, which will be made available to the government. This is the first time such an experiment is carried out in Suriname. Says Goedschalk, “Because financial compensation for the forest will be an important issue in the future, we have chosen to do this”.


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