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Finland to offer Angara its experience in forest exploration

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02 November 2010
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Irkutsk region delegation returned from Helsinki (Finland) with a number of business offers made by foreign partners.

During the meeting there were discussed different issues of forest industry development and usage of Finnish experience in forest cluster development in the Irkutsk region.

Irkutsk delegation continued the discussion about forest cluster creation with the representatives of Rougu – a leading company in engineering services for timber and pulp-and-paper industry. It is famous in Irkutsk region for designing stage two of Bratsk Timber Industrial Complex together with other companies.

Then the delegation visited Metso Company – a large engineering and machine-building holding, producing equipment for mining industry and forest complex. Nowadays it supplies equipment for Irkutsk region gold mining enterprises as well as for Bratsk Timber Industrial Complex. During the meeting the possibility for Metso to organize in Angara region production of components for its equipment was discussed. 

Negotiations with Stora Enso – one of the major world players in timber processing - have been conducted. 

The parties agreed that tripartite cooperation will be the best variant, where China will be the market, Finland – the technology supplier, and Irkutsk region – the raw material supplier as well as a source of cheap labor force and production grounds.

Discussion about the issues of timber processing industry development and ways of cooperation will continue in Irkutsk in September 2011 during VII Baikal Economic Forum, in the network of which there will be a section dedicated to the issues of timber industry complex development.


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